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4" C-Clamp with plate to mount Las1a Switch. Part# CC4   In Stock


Used to mount and position the Lsa1a switch to the side of the pump housing.

Need a spare switch or C-clamp? Fax or call for a quote. I have all parts for the LSA1A switch.


Lsa1a Switch with CGB, Rod and Rod mount. Part# SW001    In Stock


The lsa1a switch is the industry standard and is used in most applications. This switch is used with the CC4 Clamp below.

Proximity Micro Switch permanent mount. Dry contact reed NO. NEW

Part# PMS-4FR1-6/NEW    Email for quote and availabilty.


Used for permanet installations. Sealed magnetic pickup senses iron in close proximity. Switching speeds up to 100hz. These switches are hard to come by!


I also have refurbished switches. Tested and garanteed with 90 day warranty.

Part# PMS-4FR1-6/RFB    Email for quote and availabilty.

4-conductor 18ga Belden shielded cable is used with all counters.

Part# BEL5302FE  In Stock

Pressure switch allows dry contact closure for stroke counters. The sensor mounts to the exhaust port via a tee. The switch closes with every burst of air from the exhaust port. When used with either the 5700-1BPM or 5700-2BPM, gallons or barrels can be displayed along with strokes and rate. Part# PAS_2 In Stock


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MAGSENS - Many asked for a magnetic sensor for permanent installations. This sensor is designed to work with my counters. The MAGSENS is a permanent mount high speed magnetic sensor for high speed pumps like the KERR model T35 pump. Once installed there is little or no maintenance needed. No power is needed for this sensor.


• MOUNTING: 5/8" UNF X  3 5/8" • MAX RPM: 2400 • MIN RPM: 20 • POWER: NO POWER NEEDED.

• DISTANCE TO MAGNET: (.1250" to start)  • MAX CABLE DISTANCE: 400 (feet)  • WARRANTY: 1 YEAR